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Привет, мои друзья!
Я делаю 3 бабочки. Из рисунка здесь: http://biser.info/node/175688
У меня вопрос о том, как сделать крылья. Когда я делаю их они дискета. Как сделать их негибкий?

Hello my friends!
I make 3 butterflies. From the picture here: http://biser.info/node/175688


Пожалуйста, может кто поможет мне найти "как связать крючком бисером кошелек"

в поисках Bead Trends Magazine - August 2011

Кто-нибудь знает, где я могу найти скачать бесплатно этого журнала?

Новый сервер

Ну, это было страшная вещь. мама-мия Я не мог попасть в BI. Я получил страницу ошибки вместо того, чтобы и я подумал: "О, нет, это конец?!?

Loom work purse

I wove a small coin purse using Katherina Kostinsky's " Easy Looming Complicated Shapes".
I know there a some mistakes, but I had to REALLY concentrate to get this right!

Add new thread in crochet/ Добавить новое нить в вязании крючком

So this is the way I add thread when I am making a crochet piece and need a new thread.
First a cast off. Here
Так что это, как я добавить нить, когда я делаю вязания крючком кусок и нужен новый нить.
Во-первых отвергну. вот:

Cylindrical magnetic end clasps/ Цилиндрические магнитные концевые застежки

Once upon a time I found cylindrical magnetic end clasps for sale. They were coloured metal and quite large. I can not find them now and wondered if anyone here might know what I was talking about.

My Pursuit of the beaded crochet ball. Моя Погоня за бисером крючком мяч.

I'm still having some trouble with correct decreases and the wooden bead of right size. For the red one, I used a smaller hook to make decreases and it was better, but I broke the hook trying to get around the wooden bead, as the stitches were very tight. I also used the wrong colour for the green one, black would have not shown so much. Anyone with suggestions?

Adding pictures. Here I will experiment.

Adding pictures. Here I will experiment.
Добавление фотографий. Здесь я буду экспериментировать.

Bead crochet, joining ends. Бисера вязание крючком, присоединение концов.

I have read our library of files. I want to make a handle for a purse that loops back on itself, but I don't know how to make the two ends fit together.

Bead crochet rope/ necklace/ purse handle

ураа I have had success!
So a HUGE thank-you to all the ladies here who have helped me understand how to make what I wanted. When I felt like this: тормоз and like this рыдаю and also a little истерика , I got help from the people here so I could feel like this ха-ха and this танец and even like this ураа.

Making doily patterns

I've been trying for a time to make my own patterns for round net doilies. I wonder if anyone has a good method for doing this? I wanted to make a graph, but I am frustrated with the details. I tried using a photo of a doily I already beaded and made it transparent, but the previous pattern is still in the way.
Any one know how to do it? I haven't got the skill to make it up as I go along....

Translations...they are odd

I'm afraid to ask, but.....
когда жаба душит ?
Really? Strangling toads...what does this mean really... I don't think it means what it says, but it makes me laugh! ха-ха