Как голосовать на ФБ?

Доброе утро всем!

Девочки, стыдно за дурацкий вопрос, но никак не могу найти, как ставить лайки в битве на ФБ. Очень хочется поддержать некоторые работы, и не знаю как. То ли я куда-то не туда хожу, то ли еще что, но в принципе не вижу, где бы можно было проголосовать.



А, Вы зарегистрированы на Фейсбуке? Если нет, то и проголосовать не получиться, вот эти лайки, кнопочки будут не видны.

Здесь на третьей четвертой странице этот вопрос обсуждают улыбка

Спасибо большое! Теперь понятно. Нда, сложная система голосования, однако!

Напишу здесь. Я участник группы BOTB, но НЕ участник битвы. Как голосовать, получила сегодня такое письмо.

Email your votes to [email protected]

Judges and competitors from any of the three Battle groups can vote on group C from Friday the 7th -Monday evening the 10th.

The public may vote on Group C from Tuesday June 11th -Wed Evening June 12th.

To see ALL the photos in Group C IN BATTLE ORDER, so you can vote, click on the Photos tab above. What you see in the timeline gets jumbled from comments.

You will see the paper icon in the Group C Round 1 post and the choices to Preview or Download


A box will pop up asking you to “Open With” with a pull down menu of choices. If it is not already highlighted, choose Microsoft Office Excel.

You will see the battle number in the first column and the pair of contestants in the second.

In the third column you will type your choice to move on to the next battle. If you are a computer wiz, you can also highlight the name you choose and copy and paste it into the third column.

You may need to click on the “EDIT” button on the page before it will allow you to fill in the cells.

To fill in the next cell in the column, hit the Enter key or position your curser in the next cell.

To SAVE the file when you have finished: Click the diskette symbol (or File:Save as). It will tell you this is a read only copy and offer you the option to “Save As”. Click on that and it will save the file as a Copy of Group C Round 1-1.xlsx Try and pay attention to where the file is being saved. Most computers default to “My Documents” or “Downloads”.

To EMAIL your finished voting sheet: Open a new email, plug in the email address [email protected]. Click on the paper clip to attach a file. It will open your computer file tree. Look in the “My Documents” or “Downloads” folder and find the file you saved. It should be called Copy of Group C Round 1-1.xlsx. Double click on it or click “open” to place in the email.

In the body of the email, make sure to heap loads of praise and homage to Steven. It’s worth a try.

IF YOU CANNOT WORK WITH EXCEL and your husband or 12 year old is not available:

Click on PREVIEW. The spreadsheet will open there. Click on the “Battle 1” cell in the top left. Now scroll down and press the SHIFT key while you click on the last cell with the pair KarenKaren D'Andrea&Edit Peng. That will highlight all the cells. Click control: C to copy. Open a new email and in the body of the email click Control:V to paste that into the body of the email. You may then erase/delete the name you do NOT choose to move forward in each battle, leaving the name of your choice in that contest. Make sure you have [email protected] and send it off.

Мне ничего не пришло...

А ты в группе?