Translations...they are odd

I'm afraid to ask, but.....
когда жаба душит ?
Really? Strangling toads...what does this mean really... I don't think it means what it says, but it makes me laugh! ха-ха


Выражение "жаба душит" - синоним слова "жадность" улыбка

It's just GREEDY! nothing to do with toads in fact! ха-ха ха-ха

Слишком смешно! ха-ха

Sometimes the words are easy, but not the meaning.

specially if it's translated by one of those numerous translation programs....

It means ЖАдная БАба ха-ха

а здесь и машинный перевод будет бессилен!!! ха-ха ха-ха

Greedy Baban ха-ха не знаю

Baban для моего уха звучит как-то по-шведски, это - определенная форма сущ. "en baba"! Жаль, что такого на самом деле нет ха-ха ха-ха ха-ха

Indeed, that's an idiomatic expression and here one can also see a kind of antonym, an allegorical figure of hamster. While the toad does its best to prevent us from spending too much money, the hamster encourages us to buy more and more materials for our hobby, to store them up like a hamster provides itself with food for the winter. The struggle between them never ends!

И борьба не прекращается - это самая главная проблема! ха-ха ха-ха ха-ха

И вовсе не проблема. Я уже писала что с жабами делать надо: подмигиваю

And I have to use the translate machines a lot, as I don't know Russian very well yet. читаю
A Baba, that's a grandmother.... ха-ха
But hamster. That's even funnier... ха-ха ха-ха ха-ха
Я имею в виду моего мужа как "Hamster", и он говорит, что я бисером ласкам. ха-ха ха-ха

Oh, and this one
Мои забисеренные
my bead per what?
...sort of my beads friends?

Мои забисеренные

People and their works we are interested in. In order to find quickly news about them

класс класс

There is a new word I do not know...
I think it means something about the patterns, but I don't know what...?

This is program, assists you in knitting with beads. It dictate bead, that you need to take next.

Thank you...I knew it must be something like that, but the translation I kept getting when I used google was " wild roller" ха-ха

=) Yeah, I'm trying to learn English and Japanese, and sometimes Google is killing my mind.

Wow, the two hardest ones.
Sometimes those google translations are funny. Usually I can get the idea, if not the actual word. Translating from Japanese is not very good with google.

Изображение пользователя буська.

Добро пожаловать!! Вам тут придется вместе с русским изучать бисерно-хомячий язык. Это очень интересно. ха-ха

готовлю ? I don't know what this means....
maybe something like an expression like the English " cooked your goose" (