My Pursuit of the beaded crochet ball. Моя Погоня за бисером крючком мяч.

I'm still having some trouble with correct decreases and the wooden bead of right size. For the red one, I used a smaller hook to make decreases and it was better, but I broke the hook trying to get around the wooden bead, as the stitches were very tight. I also used the wrong colour for the green one, black would have not shown so much. Anyone with suggestions?

Я все еще возникают некоторые проблемы с правильным уменьшается, а деревянный шарик нужного размера. Для красного, я использовал меньшую крюк, чтобы сделать уменьшить, и это было лучше, но я сломал крючок, пытаясь обойти деревянной шарик, а стичес были очень туго. Я также использовал неправильный цвет на зеленый одном, черный бы не показаны так много. Любой человек с предложениями?


Maybe try to reduce the bead using sandpaper, or take a smaller bead.

Ah, but those are not crochet... подмигиваю
I'll try the other suggestion and try a smaller bead.

Ах, но те не вязать ... подмигиваю
Я постараюсь другие предложения и попробовать меньший шарик.

But thank you for the links, I'll save them for later.
Но спасибо за ссылки, я буду сохранять их для дальнейшего использования.

in Russian writing is not necessarily, Google translates terribly, in English understandable ха-ха

краснею Actually, that's probably me...... I'm not very good yet.

Mmm... Google translate "bead" as "шар/мяч"(ball) , not as a "бусина/бисерина" (bead).

Thank you for giving me the words! So helpful!
I usually try to change the words that I don't think are right, and I have trouble with the bead/ ball words. I know I want бусина/бисерина but keep getting шарик but up until now I was using бисер. This time I thought it would be OK because I really meant the wooden bead in the middle.
I also have trouble with words for "crochet", "stitch" and for all the stitch types..."postulbikom" was one translation that had me searching for a definition, even my friend who helps me didn't know it! I ended up having to search google for images of the word. ха-ха

"postulbikom" - polustolbikom (slip stitch)
your request must be = postulbik/полустолбик without ending (2 last letters)

5. Воздушная петля ( chain) 6. Полустолбик (slip stitch) 7. Столбик без накида (single crochet) 8. Полустолбик с накидом (half double crochet) and a lot more!

I often have similar problems. I work individually with each bead. It depends on the size of the ball and the size and quality of the beads.
In your situation I would change the color of the thread on black or took the ball smaller.
You can increase the number of beads in the circle, but it will need to change the scheme and knit tightly.
I hope I explained correctly (many thanks to the google translator) краснею

It's good! It makes sense, I will try smaller ball, and crochet more tightly. ( I have to use google too. читаю )
Это хорошо! Это имеет смысл, я постараюсь меньший шар, и вязание крючком более плотно. (Я тоже должен использовать Google читаю ).